Commercial address: The address affixed in the company's tax certificate, which is known at its headquarters in Bursa, Turkey.

Phone: 00905384976464

Trade number: Written on the official tax plate that is legally recognized in Turkey.

Seller email: info@damaskinohome.com


The name and nickname : Address : Phone : E-mail:

2- The subject and scope of the contract The long-term sale agreement is regulated in accordance with the regulatory regulation on consumer protection and the regulation of remote contracts on consumer protection and the regulation relating to distance contracts in relation to the sale and delivery of goods / services with the qualifications specified in the contract, where the rights and obligations of the parties are determined. The parties to this agreement declare and acknowledge that they know and understand the obligations and responsibilities arising from the law regarding consumer protection and the regulation of remote contracts. The subject matter of this agreement is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with applicable law.

3- Service contract, basic qualifications, and price (combined / unincorporated VAT)

Product name and code: Seller Address: Unit price : Total: Tax: Total with tax: Shipping Company - Shipping Cost:

The published rates are valid until updated or modified. The quoted prices remain valid until the end of the specified period. Total Product Cost Excluding Shipping ::

Shipping Fee: Total Costs Included: Payment Method: Difference Due Received ::

Tax Rate Used In Due Difference Delivery Terms Delivery Address: Recipient:

4- Delivery of goods and delivery methods The contract shall enter into force after the buyer's approval of it in electronic form. The goods / services purchased by the buyer are received from the seller to the buyer. Goods / services must be delivered according to the form dictated by the customer, to the address specified in this agreement, to the authorized person (s) and the concerned person (s).

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